Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hello all,

This will be the first of hopefully many posts to follow about how to play the game of interviewing & applying for colleges and jobs. For now, this blog will serve as our site for interested readers and potential clients to look through before we get around to launching our first official site. Although the sensitive nature of our occupations prevents us from disclosing our names and who we work for, advice itself is something we're quite able to provide if you stick with us for the future. We've previously run an interview prep business focusing on highly-selective jobs in finance and consulting, but this will be our first foray into reaching a market beyond the college demographic.

First though, an introduction to who I, your primary advisor, am:

I'm an Ivy League graduate (holding a Bachelors of Science in Economics) who has previously worked in the investment banking division of a bulge-bracket investment bank and am now taking a sabbatical year to jumpstart this and several other ventures before I return to full-time employment next fall. I've previously worked in consulting and private equity (wonderful industries that they are), and if you read fine publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, etc., you've probably seen a transaction or two that I've worked on.

Most of the upcoming posts on this blog that you will see are from me and I will also be the primary contact through which our clients contact and receive services.

Second, the rest of our team:

Advisor G:

A fellow graduate of the same school holding a degree in economics who previously worked at one of the bulge-bracket investment banks as an investment analyst on the proprietary equity and debt trading desks. He's jumped ship in the past few months to move to one of the major equity long/short funds. As he's too busy crunching models because of his current job to post frequently, our readers will only be able to see an occasional post from him. Don't worry though; if you're interested in interview prep or resume review advice for a job in finance however, he's quite available for paying clients.

Advisor F:

Another Ivy League graduate from a different institution who holds dual degrees in mechanical engineering and computer science. He is currently working as a strategy consultant for one of the premier biotechnology consulting firms. He'll be our specialist if anyone requires specific advice for the consulting market or case interview prep.

Third, our goal for this site:

1) To provide specific and targeted advice from an applicant's perspective towards how to game the application and interview process at any institution in a public forum. We intend to tell you more than just "how to be yourself" or "thinking about your life" to help you prepare for applying anywhere. Everyone has a different answer and different need for how they need to portray themselves when they're applying. But regardless of what others in the corporate or academic world tell you, there IS ALWAYS A RIGHT ANSWER that each person can develop for themself for any question or essay.

2) To provide interview prep and resume review services for those applicants who want to go the extra mile in preparation. All three of us have undergone 50+ interviews over the courses of our academic and professional careers. We've seen it all: fit interviews, stress interviews, technical interviews, brainteasers, etc. And we know exactly how to come in and advise you on how to tailor your resume and interview cohesively to create a good "story" for any applciation you're making.

And finally, to our audience, I'd like to say that I look forward to working with all of you to make this the best possible source of appliation preparation available on the internet. If you have any questions just leave a comment or send us a message.

Warm Regards,

Your Advisor

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