Friday, May 20, 2011

Services for Clients FAQ

An overview of our service packages which can be bought through paypal on the right. We generally prefer to have at least three days of notification in advance of when you require a service (especially resume reviews) but quicker turnaround times can be arranged if you contact us:

Interview Prep - 1 Round: A 30-minute mock interview which can to be tailored to what you're interviewing for. After the interview I'll spend time giving you feedback on specific things to say to structure your answers and improve the image you convey. We also offer different types of interview style for you to pick from (stress, fit, technical, behavioral, etc.) based on your needs and current level of preparation.

Interview Prep - 2 Rounds: After the first interview round and feedback session, we will set a time gap of anywhere from 1 hour to a week for you to rethink your interview presentation over and give you the opportunity to implement any improvements and receive our feedback. Furthermore, this also gives you the chance to pick a different interview style (stress interview, technical interview, etc.) if you feel that it's necessary to round out your experience and adaptability.

Resume Review: Make sure your resume is formatted, clean, and impressive enough to catch the eye of someone looking to assign interviews! In addition to general formatting, we'll wordsmith your resume to ensure maximum effectiveness for the target schools or jobs you are applying for.

Combined Package: An all-in-one package that combines two rounds of interview prep along with a resume review.

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